Cinco de Mayo Junior Singles Croquet Tournament

On May 5. 2019 the Juniors held a Singles Croquet Tournament with six members playing in this double elimination tournament.  In the semi-final game, Cole Monahan beat Jillian McNeal to emerge from the lower bracket.  He then had to play Caroline Wey for the second time in the day.  Caroline, who had come through the upper bracket undefeated, managed to beat Cole 6 to 5 and win the tournament championship.  The two finalist received trophies and prizes for their outstanding play throughout the afternoon.

Coach Terry Hunt wishes to thank referees Betty Anderson, Dana Boots, Tom Fogerty and Peggy Lee for helping out during the tournament.

Pictures of the tournament by Terry Hunt are shown below.  Left click on the pictures to see enlarged photos.  e event are shown below.

2018 TCCC Junior/Parent Doubles Tournament
On December 16. the Junior members invited their parents to come out to the Anderson Lawn to compete in the Junior/Parent Tournament.  Eight Juniors each teamed up with one of their parents to compete in two games of Golf Croquet in a round robin format.  All games lasted 25 minutes.  Then, the two teams with the best scores met for the final Championship match.  The final two teams with two wins each were Katherine and Frank Smith (with a high score of 12 points) and George and Mark Atkinson (with net points of +5).  After a hard fought game, George and Mark won by a score of 4 to 1.  
The finalist all received prizes and trophies.

Coach Terry Hunt, thanks the following volunteers for their time and service.  Members who helped referee and coach during the games were Sue Offen and Tom Fogerty.  George Fiegel provided the beautiful trophies.

Pictures from the tournament are shown below.    Left click on the pictures to see enlarged photos.

Blake Fields (Age 11) Wins A National Championship* 

The United States Croquet Association held it's 2018 National Golf Croquet Championship on the Highlands Plateau, NC.  The doubles championship was won by the team of Sherif Abdelwahab and Blake Fields.  Blake is only 11 years old and set the USCA record for the youngest player to ever win a USCA national championship.  Blake also tied for fifth place in the singles competition against some  of the best players in the US.  (*The above information and picture below are from the USCA Croquet News Magazine, 2018 Vol. 3)

Blake Fields is from the Mission Hills Croquet Club in Rancho Mirage, Ca.  He is a third generation croquet player and he has been named the 2018 USCA Junior Player of the Year.

A picture from the tournament is shown below.  

Left click on the picture to see an enlarged picture.

Junior Croquet Program

Junior Croquet Events

Tega Cay Croquet Club

This Club  is formed to promote the sport of  croquet in this community

Founded in 2008

March 24 - Junior/Senior Croquet Tournament

On March 24, 2019. Seven of our Junior members were teamed with seven of our Senior members for a golf croquet tournament.  All teams played at least three games in a round robin format.  Each Junior played with the same Senior partner each game but played  different opponents based on a random selection.  The Team of Cole Monahan & Alan Bensch finished undefeated and won the first place trophies and prizes.  Second place honors was much closer with three teams, Kathryn Tracy & Peggy Lee, Jillian McNeil & Gloria Bensch, and George Atkinson & Dana Boots tied with two wins each.  The tie breaker (most points scored) and the second place prizes went to Kathryn and Peggy with a total of fifteen points scored.

Pictures of the exhibition by Terry Hunt are shown below.  Left click on the pictures to see enlarged photos.  e event are shown below.

2019 TCCC Junior Summer Doubles Tournament
On August 24, six enthusiastic Junior girls competed in our Summer Doubles Golf Croquet Tournament on a cool and damp croquet lawn. Three teams (Katherine Smith/CC Mandon, Jillian McNeil/Flora Liutkevicius and Kinsley Young/Natalia McNeil)
played each other in round-robin matches.  Katherine and CC were undefeated to take first place. Jillian and Flora finished in second place.

TCCC members who helped referee and coach during the tournament were Gloria Bensch, Dana Boots and Peggy Lee.

​By Coach Terry Hunt

Pictures from the tournament by Terry Hunt and Gloria Bensch are shown below.    Left click on the pictures to see enlarged photos.

Junior Croquet Play Times 
Our regular Play Times for Juniors are currently 6 to 7 pm on Monday and Thursday evenings.  Junior members can show up and we will assign you a game.  Potential new Junior players (ages 8 to 18) can also come and learn the game of Golf Croquet and we will get them into games with our Junior members.  
All equipment will be provided by the TCCC.  Each session will be limited to eight juniors.  The first eight to sign up before a Play Time will be allowed to attend that session.  Contact Terry Hunt at if your child wants to sign up for any of these sessions.  Other play times can be scheduled for the Juniors depending on the interest.  

After two free sessions, each Junior must become a member of the Croquet Club or pay a non-member fee to use the court.  ​

Social Distancing Guidelines for Junior Croquet Players
Revised May 23, 2020

Amended 6/4/20 (changes shown in RED)

The following Social Distancing Guidelines for Junior Croquet Players are in addition to the Social Distancing Guidelines for Croquet listed on the Home page.

 1.  No more than
eight players are permitted to play at any one time during a Junior session.
2.  There will always be at least one adult coach  near the court during a Junior session.
3.  When mallets and balls are removed and returned to the room, they will be cleaned with disinfecting wipes before and after the equipment is used.  A canister of wipes is located in the equipment room.
4.  Due to other groups scheduling the court just before the Junior group sessions, the equipment room will not be opened until a few minutes the start time of each Junior session.  This is to help maintain the six feet of separation guideline for players entering and leaving the court and the equipment room.
5.  There are no water barrels on the Golf Course.  Junior members should bring their own water or drinks and not share with the other players.
6.  There may be adult players playing before or after the Junior sessions.  Junior players should not be near the croquet court before or after their scheduled time.  They should wait for their rides up at the parking lot and always maintain at least six feet of separation while waiting. 

Because these guidelines are very different than we are accustomed to, players and coaches are encouraged to gently remind others to follow them when they notice other players not complying with them.

These guidelines are the MINIMUM precautions for play. All parents and Junior players must decide about any additional measures they think are necessary for their safety including a decision not to play.

The TCCC Junior Croquet Program is for boys and girls ages 8 to 18 who live in the Tega Cay area.

To give the young people in the Tega Cay area an opportunity to learn that Croquet can be a fun, entertaining and competitive sport, and that we have one of the best Croquet Facilities in the area.

Any child (ages 8 to 18) is eligible for a Junior membership in the Tega Cay Croquet Club and will have all of the General Membership Benefits with the following exceptions:
-  The membership application must be approved by the child's parent or guardian.  Click here for a copy of the TCCC Membership Application Form:

-  Before a membership is granted, the child must participate in at least two TCCC croquet classes that teach the rules and fundamentals of croquet.  Terry Hunt will arrange for the required classes for potential Junior member interested in instruction in Golf Croquet.  Contact Terry at:  to set up a time.  The first two training classes are free and our Club will furnish all the necessary equipment (balls and mallets).
- Junior members who are 16 years old and under must be accompanied by an adult member of the Club while playing on the court.  The adult member will serve as a coach and assure that the equipment room is open during the reserved time.  Any Junior member needing an adult member to be present at their reserved time can contact Terry Hunt at 803-548-0810 or email at, and he will arrange for a Club member to meet the Juniors at the court.  Contact should be made at least 24 hours before the reserved time.
- Junior members may make advanced reserved starting times for up to one week in advance.  Junior members can make court reservations by clicking on the button below to make on-line reservations or call the Golf Club at 803-548-3500 for reservations up to one week in advance.

Junior members can start playing for free as soon as:
   - The membership form is filled out and given to a TCCC Board member,
   - The Junior has attended two training classes and
   - The first year's membership fee has been paid.

How Much?
The annual membership fee for a Junior is $75.00.  New Members joining for the first time and paying the membership fee after October will pay a prorated amount of the first year's annual dues based on the month of the application.  After the first year, the full fee will be due at the start of the next fiscal year.  The TCCC fiscal year runs from October 1 to September 30.  Junior membership is free if a child has a parent or grandparent who is a member of the TCCC.

For those who are not members of the Tega Cay Croquet Club, Non-Member play is available at a fee of $15 per person for a two hour  play period.

At the Tega Cay Croquet Court next to the Tega Cay Golf Club Pavilion. 

What's Next?

Based on the interest and the number of Junior members, the Club will schedule Play Days and special events for Juniors throughout the year.  After the Junior members learn Golf Croquet, other croquet games such as Six Wicket and Association Croquet can be taught to the more advanced players.

If you have questions  about our Junior Croquet Program contact Terry Hunt at or call 803-548-0810.