TCCC Play Days

The TCCC held Play Days on April 21 and May 15.  Both Days had a lot of members and guest show up for these events.  Players got to play several games of golf croquet.The May event was cut short by a thunderstorm,   Refreshments were provided by Michele McGuire and the social committee.​  Pictures from both Days are shown below.

Alternate Shot Tournament

On April 27, The TCCC held the popular Spring Alternate Shot Tournament under the lights on the Anderson Lawn.  Forty player participated in this single elimination golf croquet tournament that had four players on a team.  Each team would alternate shooting their two balls in a game.  After many hard fought matches, the team of Marc Ward/Tricia Ward/Wray Martin/Patty Martin defeated the team of Frank Powell/Barb Powell/Janet Ferguson/Giesle Perrotta in the final game by a score of 4 to 2.  Refreshments were provided by Sue Offen and the social committee.

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Vintage Club Croquet & Ice Cream Social

The Vintage Club held it's annual Croquet and Ice Cream Social on Sunday afternoon, June 3.  About 60 Vintage Club members and guests attended.  Almost everyone got out onto the Anderson lawn and played a few games of Golf Croquet and then everyone enjoyed delicious ice cream sundies served by Scope n' Swirl.  Alice Terrigino set up the event for the Vintage Club and was helped by
Patty Martin (time keeper) and Sue Gulasky, Gloria Bensch and Betty Anderson (the ladies that kept the games going).  Also, Marvin Bennett, Alan Bensch, George Fiegel, Terry Hunt and Frank Powell set up the two courts.

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Photo Gallery

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TCCC On Local TV News

On Friday, May 18, TV station WCNC, the local NBC affiliate, broadcast a segment on the Tega Cay Croquet Club.  In a report leading up to the Royal Wedding in London on May 19, local reporter Hannah Welker explained how croquet was a popular British sport and did a report from our Anderson Lawn.  Much of the segment was filmed on Thursday morning and edited for the early morning news on Friday morning at about 6:20 am.   The three lead ins to the segment were done live from our court between 5:25 am and 6:30 am on Friday morning.  Thanks to Terry Hunt, Sally Bennett, Barb Powell, Hannah Welker (the reporter), Wendy Hope and Marvin Bennett for coming out on Thursday morning and Hannah, Wendy, Marvin and Terry for showing up early Friday for the filming of "Have Hannah Do It".

​Pictures of the Event and the Video are shown below.  On the Video, there is a short Advertisement before it begins..h

May 15

TCCC Members Take Association Rules Classes

Damon Bidencope gave classes for four Thursday evenings on the Association Rules Croquet game to about fifteen TCCC members between March 29 and April 19.  He taught the rules and strategies of this popular International croquet game.

Pictures from the class are shown below.
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2018 Southeast Regional Golf Croquet Tournament Attended by TCCC Members

The Chesapeake Bay Croquet Club hosted the 2018 USCA Southeast Regional Golf Croquet Tournament near Hartfield, Virginia from April 12 – 15, 2018.  The Tournament Manager was Macey White and the Tournament Director was Cheryl Bromley.  Eighteen players from 8 states (Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Maryland, New York, Missouri, Wisconsin and Oregon) participated in the Golf Croquet singles and doubles events.  The players were able to select their doubles partners.  Most of the players had a Grade, World Ranking and a US Rank.  The highest US ranked player was Jeff Soo with a Rank of 8.  The TCCC was represented in the tournament by George and Judie Fiegel and Terry and Shirley Hunt.

During the first two days, the players were divided into blocks (singles and doubles) and played the other players in their blocks.  Then, based on their play on the first two days, the players were divided into Flights (Championship and First Flight) for singles and doubles knock out rounds.   On the third day, quarter final and semifinal rounds were played in each of the two flights.  On the fourth day, the final matches were played to determine the winners of each Flight in singles and doubles.  All semifinal and final matches were the best two out of three games.  Some of the final matches took several hours to determine a winner.

The final results were:
·  Championship Singles - Jeff Soo
·  Championship Finalist - Macey White
·  First Flight Singles - Hal Denton
·  First Flight Finalist - Terry Hunt
·  Championship Doubles - Jeff and Eileen Soo
·  Championship Finalists - Steve Jackson and Cheryl Bromley
·  First Flight Doubles - Rick Alderson and Rick Darnell
·  First Flight Finalists - Buck Brewer and John Priest

The TCCC played fairly well in the knock out brackets.  George Fiegel made it into the Singles Championship bracket at ninth place.  In the play-in game against Hal Denton in eighth place, George won by a score 7 to 5.  Unfortunately, he then came up against the number one seed, Jeff Soo, where he lost by a score of 7 to 1.

In the First Flight Singles bracket, Terry Hunt defeated Rick Alderson 7 to 5 in the quarterfinal round and defeated Buck Brewer 7 to 4 and 7 to 2 in the semifinal round.  In the final match of the First Flight Singles, Terry was defeated by Hal Denton (who was knocked out of the Championship play-in game by George Fiegel) by scores of 7 to 4 and 7 to 4.

In the First Flight Doubles semifinals, George and Judie Fiegel lost both of their games in the match to Rick Alderson and Rick Darnell.  Terry and Shirley Hunt played a little tougher match.  In their first semifinal game against John Priest and Buck Brewer, they lost 7 to 5.  In the second game of the match, they won by 7 to 5.  In the third and final game of the match, the Hunt team was up by 6 to 4 but the Priest/Brewer team came charging back to win the last three points and game by 7 to 6.  For the total of all three games, the match was decided by one point difference between the two teams.  The match lasted for over three hours.

All of the TCCC players got plenty of playing time.  In the first three days, Judie played in 9 games. George played in 11 games and Shirley played in 13 games.  In four days, Terry played in 17 games.  The weather was nice, the people were friendly and the food was great.

Pictures from the tournament are shown below.
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April 21

Tega Cay Croquet Club

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