This Club  is formed to promote the sport of  croquet in this community

Founded in 2008

Tega Cay Croquet Club


2017 Rockfish Croquet Tournament

The 2017 Rockfish Tournament was held June 14 -18, near Hartfield, Virginia.  The Chesapeake Bay Croquet Club (CBCC) hosted this sanctioned tournament that included events for 6 Wicket and Golf Croquet (singles and doubles). The CBCC has eight regulation croquet courts that are located in the front yard of Club President Macey White's farm house.

Thirty players from six states (Delaware, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia and Wisconsin) participated in the various formats.  There were six players (George & Judie Fiegel, Jan & Wendy Hope and Terry & Shirley Hunt) from our Tega Cay Croquet Club who attended and played in the Golf Croquet events (singles and/or doubles). 

The TCCC players did well in the Golf Croquet Waterford Doubles event play during the first two days against fifteen players overall in the event.  Shirley Hunt (1st seed), Jan Hope (2nd seed) and Terry Hunt (4th seed) all won three and lost one in their doubles matches.  Based on games won and net points, our group had three of the top four seeds going into the playoff round on the third day.  These players all lost in their semi-final matches to some very good players.   The team of Cheryl Bromley (from Wisconsin) and John Curington (from Florida) won the Championship in the Golf Croquet Doubles by defeating the team of Jochen & Adrienne Lucke (from Cashiers, NC) by a score of 7 to 5.  

In the Golf Croquet Singles playoffs, none of the TCCC players made it into the Championship flight (top four players).  In the First Flight, George Fiegel made it to the semi-finals but was defeated by John Boatwright.  In the First Flight finals, Field Boatwright defeated her husband John Boatwright.  In the Championship Flight, Jochen Lucke defeated Cheryl Bromley.

In the 6-Wicket events there were winners in 6 Wicket Doubles Championship, 6 Wicket Singles First Flight Finals and 6 Wicket Singles Championship Flight.  In 6-Wicket Championship Flight action, Macey White went undefeated in the round robin only to lose to Rich Watson (from Aiken, SC) in the semi-finals who came from behind by scoring eight points in his next to last turn.  In the other semi, John Curington (from Ponte Vedra, FL) defeated local player Rick Darnel.  The final game in Championship flight was close all the way and Rich Watson edged out a hard-fought victory.

Photos of the tournament and facilities are shown below.

Terry Hunt

2017 TCCC Spring Invitational Tournament
On May 18 and 19, the TCCC held the third annual Spring Invitational Tournament.  Twenty four TCCC players and eight Coastal Croquet Club players participated in this event over the two days.  On the first day, each player played six games of golf croquet with a different partner each game and against a different opponent each game.   All games both days were timed at 25 minutes with tie games being decided by tie breaker shots.  In one round, all four games were decided by tie breaker shots.   Five players tied for the most wins in these games on the first day.  With five wins each, were Bruce Anderson, Harry Barnes, Peggy Lee, Jim Podraza and Vince Taylor.

On the second day, based on the results of day one, each player was paired with the same teammate for the day.  Each team played three games in the morning rounds against different opponents.  Then, in the afternoon, a single elimination playoff was held to determine the overall champion. 

In the semi finals,  the number 1 ranked team (Jim Podraza and Harry Barnes) defeated the number 11 ranked team (Dana Boots and Edith Jordan) 4 to 3 in a tie breaker.   Also, the number 2 ranked team (Jerry Misik and Tricia Ward) defeated the number 6 ranked team (Judie Fiegel and Russ Hanson) 6 to 1.   In the final game (another tie breaker 4 to 3) first place went to  the Misik/Ward team and second place to the Podraza/Barnes team.  Some amazing croquet shots were witnessed by the fans.  Winners usually won by a wicket or tie breaker.  Congratulations. Trophies were presented to the first and second place teams by tournament director John Webb.

Refreshments were served at the event each day and all players had lunch at the Shore Club Restaurant in the clubhouse each day. 

The Croquet Club thanks the following people who made this tournament successful:

Michele McGuire and her crew for setting up the refreshments and lunch arrangements each day,

Carman Miller of the Miller Realty Group and Sue Kost for providing Coffee and Doughnuts each morning,

Wray Martin for setting up the clock, keeping the game time and general right hand man to the tournament director,

Court setup and clean up:  Alan Bensch, Terry Hunt, Jack McGuire and John Webb,

Photographers:  Terry Hunt, Ron Jordan and Cheryl Noftsger,

Trophies:  George Fiegel,

Tournament Director:  John Webb,

Tournament Host and Club President:  Peggy Towner,

All of the Players from the Coastal Croquet Clubs and the Tega Cay Croquet Club.

Photos of the event are shown below.

Photo Gallery

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Vintage Club & TCCC Ice Cream Social - April 30

Thanks to the special team of guys who were at the TCCC at 10am Sunday morning to set up for the Vintage/Croquet event.  It just does not happen.... Hats off to Terry, Ron, Harry, John, Alan and Jack.

Also a special thanks to Betty Anderson and Katy Muraco who kept the games going continuously throughout the day.  It was a fun event and I do think a good time was had by all who attended.  The count was somewhere between 65-70 people.

The day would not be complete without thanking the people that stayed and helped us clean up.  You know who you are and we really appreciated all your help.  Could not do these events without your help.
Again, another successful event put on by the Tega Cay Croquet Club.
Michele McGuire

Photos of the event are shown below.

Coastal Croquet Clubs Spring Tournament

On April 18 and 19, 2017, the Coastal Croquet Clubs (CCC) held their Spring Golf Croquet Tournament at the Sun City- Bluffton courts near Hilton Head, S.C.   Ten members of the Tega Cay Croquet Club participated along with thirty  members of the CCC. 

The first day was divided into five blocks with eight players in a block.  Each player played four games with a different partner against different opponents each game.

On the second day, based on the results of the first day, each player was paired with the same partner for all game that day.  Everyone played three games in the morning and sixteen teams were then placed in brackets for a single elimination playoff in the afternoon.  After two rounds, the four teams to make the semifinals were Art Thomasson & Robin Forbes-Jones vs. George Fiegel & Randy Taylor (the combined ages of this team was 163) and Mike Farnham & Carolyn MacMullin vs. Frank Powell & Heather Forbes-Jones.  This latter match was one of the hardest fought games of the day.  Mike & Carolyn were down 6-4   Mike did a Chernobyl at wicket #11 towards the water, was able to lay up nice to wicket #12 and made the scoring shot on his next turn to tie the game at 6 to 6.  Mike & Carolyn were able to make  wicket #13 after a short bit of jockeying around it to win 7 to 6.  

In the final match, Mike Farnham & Carolyn MacMullin defeated Art Thomasson & Robin Forbes-Jones by a score of     7 to 2 to win the championship .  

Photos of the event are shown below.