2019 Senior Games


The 2019 Senior Games sponsored by the City of Tega Cay were held on September 9th - 11th for adults ages 50 and older.  Sporting events included Bowling, Cornhole, Croquet, Golf, Pickleball, Walking and Single Sports Activities.  George Fiegel and many other volunteers helped run the events.  There were several events that involved croquet.  These croquet events and the winners are listed below.  Medals were awarded to the finalists of each event at a luncheon on September 11.

Men’s Doubles Golf Croquet (5 teams):  First Place - Frank Powell & Terry Hunt, defeated Jack McGuire & Pete Chiericozzi in the finals
Women’s Doubles Golf Croquet (5 Teams):  First Place - Michele McGuire & Ceil Runde defeated Ann Rizos & Peggy Lee in the finals
Mixed Doubles Golf Croquet (9 Teams):  First place - Frank & Barb Powell defeated John Webb & Betty Anderson in the finals.
Singles Six Wicket Croquet (5 Men & 3 Women):  First Place -Terry Hunt (Men) & Michele McGuire (Women).  Terry defeated Michele by one point in the final match.
Points made from eight feet through a wicket. Shooting until you miss ten shots.  First Place – John Webb (Men) 8 points in 18 shots, Susan Maher (Women) 7 points in 17 shots,
Hitting a croquet ball for distance.   Points scored by hitting the ball between two parallel lines18 and 22 feet from the start line. Shooting until you miss ten shots.   First Place – Terry Hunt (Men) scored 48 points in 58 shots, Judy Garrrard (Women) scored 11 points in 21 shots. 

Article by Terry Hunt

Pictures of the event are shown below were provided by Terry Hunt.
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Alternate Shot Tournament


On August 24, forty Club members played in an Alternate Shot Tournament.  Players were assigned to ten teams with four players on a team.  Each team alternated playing their two balls throughout each game in this single elimination Golf Croquet Tournament on an unusually cool August evening under the lights.  Most of the thirty minute timed games were close and four of the games were settled by a tie breaker playoff.  After three rounds, the semi-final matches came down to Team J (Frank & Barb Powell/Marvin & Sally Bennett) vs, Team F (Rich & Bonnie Pregrad/Paul & Katie Muraco) and Team I (Jack & Michele McGuire/Rein & Inga Juergen) vs. Team G (Jerry & Kay Misik/Skip & Sue Hapner).  In the finals, Team G (Jerry & Kay Misik/Skip & Sue Hapner) defeated Team J (Frank & Barb Powell/Marvin & Sally Bennett) in a close match that was decided by a tie breaker playoff.  The final four teams received prizes.

Mike Kost was the Tournament Director and served as scheduler, timekeeper and scorekeeper. ​Thanks to Michele McGuire and her events crew for providing refreshments.

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Special Visitors to the Anderson Lawn


On August 21 & 22, there were some special visitors playing on our Anderson Lawn.  They were in the area briefly and wanted to warm up for a ProAm tournament the following weekend in Cashiers, NC.
The visitors were:
Alison Sharpe:   2018 Australian Open Golf Croquet Champion (women & men) and winner of both the Association Croquet (four times) and Golf Croquet (four times) Australian Women’s Opens.
Ben Rothman:  The 2019 Golf Croquet World Champion and the first American to win a World Croquet Federation World Championship.  Also, "his accomplishments on the croquet court are unmatched in the history of American croquet. Ben is ranked #1 in American Rules and is the only player to hold a - 4.5 handicap.  In Association Croquet, he is currently the top American player .... In 2016, he became the first American ever to win the British Open Championship."  [From the USCA website.] For more about Ben, go to 
Damon Bidencope - Damon has won several national championships, is a member of the USCA Hall of Fame and is a member of the TCCC.  For more about Damon, go to 

On Wednesday evening, Alison and Damon played some Golf Croquet games and discussed croquet with several members of our Club.  On Thursday morning, Alison and Ben played several types of croquet (Irish Speed Croquet, Association Croquet and Golf Croquet) and discussed croquet with about 20 members of our Club who came out to watch these two great players. 

On Thursday afternoon, Damon drove them up to Cashiers, NC where they participated over the weekend in a ProAm Croquet Tournament at the Chattooga Country Club with some of the best croquet players in the USA (Jeff Soo, Sherif Abdelwahab, Damon Bidencope, Cheryl Bromley, Matthew Essick, Danny Huneycutt, Alison Sharpe and Ben Rothman).  The proceeds from the tournament help fund the travel expenses for USA team members playing in International Competition.

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Friday, June 7 - Court Setup, Practice and Reception

Sunday June 9, Matches 3 & 4

Tega Cay Croquet Club

This Club  is formed to promote the sport of  croquet in this community

Founded in 2008

Saturday, June 8, National Croquet Day, Matches 1 & 2

July 19, Christmas in July Play Day

The TCCC had a special Play Day on July 19.  Over forty Members and guests celebrated "Christmas In July."  We tried this event to take our minds off the current heat wave but it did not work well because the temperature was 95 degrees when the croquet matches started at 6:30 pm.  Michele McGuire had the gazebo decorated with Christmas ornaments, a Christmas tree and even Christmas presents for the members who drew the lucky tickets.  Unfortunately she could not coax our resident Santa Claus to come to the event because he hibernates during the summer heat wave.  The Wearing of White Rule was suspended for this event and everyone wore festive holiday outfits.

Both courts were setup and each player had a random partner for each game they played.  Everyone got to play at least two or three timed games of golf croquet.  The last rounds of the evening were cut short about 9:10 pm when the sprinkler system began watering the lawn and temporarily broke the heat wave.

​Pictures of the event by Terry Hunt, Michele McGuire and Kay Misik are shown below.  Left click any pictures to see enlarged pictures.

2019 States Shield SE Qualifier Golf Croquet Tournament Summary

 The Tournament was hosted by the Tega Cay Croquet Club (
http://www.tegacaycroquet.com/home.html ) and sponsored by the Croquet Network website (https://croquet.ning.com/ ).  The Croquet Network States Shield is a sanctioned USCA event and all singles games count in the WCF world rankings.  However, the event is not a USCA managed event. 

There were 14 players from four states. The teams were:
North Carolina - Jeff Soo (Team Director), Matthew Essick. Peter Carlin, Rob Byrd
South Carolina – Damon Bidencope (Team Director), Simon Jenkins, Robert Hurst
Georgia – Jimmy Huff (Team Director), Kent Lovvorn, Roy Gee
Florida – Chris Barley (Team Director), David Maloof, Gene Raymond, Jim Teel.

There were four matches played on Saturday and Sunday, June 8 & 9, 2019 on the Tega Cay single croquet court. 

On Saturday (National Croquet Day), they played two matches consisting of 18 games from 9 am to 8 pm. The North Carolina Team defeated the South Carolina Team 6 to 2 and the Florida Team defeated the Georgia Team 6 to 4.  There was very little rain all day until the last game but there were no rain delays. 

On Sunday, the first two games were played under heavy showers but the players put on their rain gear and never stopped playing.  The rest of the games were played under fairly dry conditions with only a few brief showers.  In the first match, the Florida Team defeated the North Carolina Team 8 to 2 to win the Southeast Regional Tournament and advance to the National Shield Tournament in August.  (
https://croquet.ning.com/News/states-shield-expands-to-12 ).  In the Sunday afternoon match, the Georgia and South Carolina Teams played three games and then called it a day because of other commitments and their long drive home.  There were thirteen games played on Sunday between 9 am and 4 pm and there were no rain delays.  A summary of the games and match scores are listed on the Croquet Scores website.  (https://croquetscores.com/2019/gc/croquet-network-southeast-states-shield-quad/summary

The players all complimented the condition of the court.  The court drained exceptionally well during the few showers that we had over the two days.  The ball fences worked well and were really needed.  No one hit into the orange netting below the southwest corner but there was a possibility with the speed of some of the shots and the jump shots being played.  The special Quadway Hoops (
http://www.terminatormallets.co.nz/Quadway.htm) used during the Tournament were loaned to the Club by Simon Jenkins. 

Overall, the tournament was a great success.  The volunteers, hosts for the players and Club members got to meet and talk with the players at the Reception on Friday evening, at the dinner at the Dixie Pig Restaurant on Saturday evening and during the tournament when the players were between games.  Gift bags were given to all of the players with items supplied by Visit York County, the City of Tega Cay and George Fiegel.  Each member of the winning team received a trophy. 

Tournament Directors Damon Bidencope and Alan Bensch and Tournament Manager Terry Hunt would like to thank all of the volunteers and hosts who helped set up the court, schedule the games, keep track of the scores, set up for the Reception, provide snacks, drinks and lunches for the players, set up the tent and chairs for the players and provided rooms for some of the players.  They would also like to recognize Chuck Smith, the Maintenance Superintendent for Tega Cay Golf, and his crew for getting the croquet court and the surrounding area in excellent condition.  The support of Josh Brownell, Director of Tega Cay Golf, and Tega Cay Mayor, David O’Neal, was greatly appreciated. 

Pictures of the Tournament by Marilyn Rhew, Ron Jordan, Alan Bensch and Terry Hunt are shown below.  Left click on any picture to see enlarged pictures.​ 

Article by Terry Hunt