​TCCC Winter Men’s Singles Golf Croquet Tournament
Final Results (W/L), 2/26/21

Bidencope, Damon (4-0)
Bensch, Alan (3-1)

Powell, Frank (3-1)
Webb, John (3-1)
Fiegel, George (3-1)
Hunt, Terry (2-2)
Kost, Mike (1-2) & Jardine, Ian (1-0)
Barnes, Harry (2-2)
Rizos, Nick (2-2)
Watson, Richard (2-2)
Pike, Norm (2-2)
McGuire, Jack (2-2)
Misik, Jerry (2-2)
Nicholson, Carl (1-3)
Knotz, Robert (1-2) & Terrigino, Fred (0-1)
Bennett, Marvin (1-3)
Rothman, Donald (1-3)
Luciano, Frank (0-4)

​​​Pictures of the event below were taken by Alan Bensch,  Left click any picture to see an enlarged picture.e

2020 Golf With Wickets Tournament
by Peggy and Bob Towner

On Sunday, September 20, 2020, the Tega Cay Croquet Club held its fifth annual Golf with Wickets Tournament. We had 9 teams and 36 golfers participating in this event. Each golfer received breakfast, lunch, a round of golf, a well-packed goody bag, and a prize for their entry fee. As has been the case each year, the winner and second place teams received a full day boat rental on Lake Wylie compliments of the Tega Cay Marina. We also awarded prizes for third, fourth, and last place.

Golfers had the chance to participate in our sport of croquet several times during this golf tournament. Two par three holes on the golf course were turned into croquet “holes” with a wicket in the middle of each green. Additionally, each participant had a chance to play a croquet ball through a wicket on our croquet lawn at the turn between holes 9 and 10 during the golf tournament.

We had 34 hole sponsors this year. Each sponsor donated $100.00 to support croquet and we placed a sign on the golf course with their name on it. We also had 10 different croquet club groups that sponsored a hole. Good on y’all. There were even three individual club members that wrote the hundred-dollar check and sponsored a hole all by themselves. We had prizes donated from places all over the area from Rock Hill to Charlotte to Ballantyne and numerous local places. Look at the pictures below to find their names. It is of the utmost importance that all of us make use of these businesses whenever we can. Most of these folks have buttressed us each of the five years that we have done this tournament. Without their contributions, it ain’t workin’.

All of this took place at the Tega Cay Golf Course and the Tega Cay Croquet Lawn. This happened because of the many Croquet Club volunteers who stepped up to make it work. We want to thank each of you who provided your time, expertise, and most importantly, your smiles. This could not happen and would not happen without your help. We especially want to thank Michele McGuire and Mike Kost. They helped from day one in June to pull this off. Yes, we started in June to make this a success in September. One more time, many thanks to those of you who happily show up every year on tournament day to do all those important support jobs that make this event run 2 smoothly. Your dedication and yearly contribution make this endeavor a resounding success!

Note from Editor: Photos of the event  are posted below. The photos are displayed in three groups: the golfers, the sponsors and prize donors, and the volunteers and helpers. ​​​The photos were taken by Sue Kost, Marilyn Rhew and Terry Hunt  Left click any picture to see an enlarged picture.e.html

2020 Golf With Wickets Tournament - The Sponsors and Prize Donors

2020 Golf With Wickets Tournament - The Volunteers and Helpers

2020 Covid-19 Memorial Golf Croquet Tournament

By:  Alan Bensch, Tournament Director


The 2020 Covid-19 Memorial Golf Croquet Tournament is now completed.  Originally expected to take five rounds to finish, Jack and Michele McGuire became the only unbeaten team at the end of the fourth round.  Three teams tied for second place with three wins and 26 wickets scored; Ron & Edith Jordan, Dick & Diane Kadien, and Fred & Alice Terrigino.  The full list of team results is shown below. 

I want to thank the board for scheduling the event and everyone who participated.  The positive support from all the players was most gratifying.  Gloria kept things in order, Mike Kost’s counsel was invaluable, and George turned the concept for the winner’s trophies into reality.
2020 TCCC COVID 19 Memorial Golf Croquet Tournament
Final Results

McGuire, Jack &  Michele   (4-0)
Jordan, Ron & Edith   (3-1)
Kadien, Richard & Diane   (3-1)
Terrigino, Fred & Alice   (3-1)
Webb, John & Maher, Susan   (3-1)
Pike, Norm & Linda   (3-1)
Barnes, Harry & Anderson, Betty   (2-2)
Jardine, Ian & Gulasky, Sue   (2-2)
Romano, Mike & Boots, Dana   (2-2)
Bensch, Alan & Gloria   (2-2)
Powell, Frank & Hahn, Denise   (2-2)
Rizos, Nick & Ann   (2-2)
Nicholson, Carl & Nancy   (2-2)
Bennett, Marvin & Sally   (2-2)
Offen, Alan & Sue   (1-3)
Rothman, Don & Noreen   (1-3)
Hunt, Terry & Shirley   (1-3)
Fiegel, George & Linder, Pat   (1-3)
Ward, Marc & Tricia and Towner, Bob & Peggy   (1-3)
Hope, Jan & Wendy   (0-4) 

​​​Pictures of the Tournament below were taken by Alan Bensch & Terry Hunt.  Left click any picture to see an enlarged picture.e.html

2020 Golf With Wickets Tournament - The Golfers.

Photo Gallery

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This Club  is formed to promote the sport of  croquet in this community

Founded in 2008

Tega Cay Croquet Club

A Tribute to George
By:  Terry Hunt


In 2008, George Fiegel was one of the founding members of of the Tega Cay Croquet Club.  He has held many positions in our Club and volunteered for many assignments.  One of his favorite hobbies is building things like trophies, plaques, mementos, parade floats, etc. for the TCCC and other croquet clubs.  He has a very talented imagination.  Below are pictures of his work over the years. I hope you enjoy them.

​​​Pictures by Terry Hunt and other members of our Club.  Left click any picture to see an enlarged picture.e.html

2020: The Pinehurst Croquet Club’s 30th Annual Invitational Tournament
By:  Terry Hunt


On September 24 – 27, 2020, I participated in an American Rules Six Wicket Tournament at the Pinehurst Croquet Club.  This was my first single’s Six Wicket Tournament and I learned a lot about playing the game.  The tournament originally had 48 entries (the cutoff) with a maximum handicap of 12.  After cancellations, there were 42 players with USCA handicaps from - 2.5 to + 11.  I had the +11 handicap and was in the 2nd Flight.  The three Flights were:

Championship Flight:  Three Blocks (A, B & C) of 8 players per Block with handicaps from - 2.5 to + 4.  In the Block play, each player was scheduled to play the other 7 players in their Block   Sixteen players with the best Block play records made it to the Playoff round.  These players were very, very good.

Flight 1:  Eight Players with handicaps of + 4.5 to + 5.  In the Block play, each player was scheduled to play the other 7 players in this Flight.  All 8 made it to the Playoff round.

Flight 2:  Ten Players with handicaps of + 6 to + 11. In the Block play, each player was scheduled to play the other 9 players in their Flight.   Only eight players made it to the Playoff round. 

The schedule had to be revised on Friday after the morning games were rained out.  All First and Second Flight games were cancelled or postponed on Friday.  The Second Flight of Block play was reduced from 9 to 7 games.  All Block play games on Friday afternoon and Saturday were reduced from 75 to 60 minutes in order to get as many Block play games in as possible on the five courts.  As soon as the courts were playable on Friday afternoon, the Championship Flight Blocks played most of their Friday games.  This gave me a chance to watch several Championship games and see some amazing play.  One of the players scored 26 points in four of the six games that he won in his Block play. 

The First and Second Flight Playoff games were played on Sunday morning with game times set back to 75 minutes.  All Playoff games for all Flights were completed by 1:30 pm on Sunday instead of Noon as originally planned.  Danny Huneycutt, the Tournament Director, did a remarkable job of changing the schedule on the fly.  I only missed two of my nine scheduled Block play games and I made it into the Second Flight Playoff round on Sunday morning.  The winners in each flight received very nice pots and the finalist received fancy plates.

Flight Winners:
Championship Flight:  
Winner - Mike Taylor – Pinehurst Croquet Club
Finalist - Shane Hettler - NYC Croquet Club 

First Flight 
Winner - Hank Wallace – Pinehurst Croquet Club
Finalist - Steve Errickson – Pinehurst Croquet Club 

Second Flight
Winner - Linda Trifone - Jackson Country Club, Mississippi
Finalist - Chris Smith - Sarasota County Croquet Club, Florida 

For a complete summary of the tournament, go to 

In 2021, there are two Six Wicket Tournaments scheduled in Pinehurst which is only about a two hour drive from Tega Cay.  I encourage some of our Club’s better Six Wicket players to play in one or both of these tournaments. 

Jun 10–13, 2021  ·  USCA Southeast 6W Regional
Region:  Southeast
Location:  Pinehurst Country Club, Pinehurst, NC
Contact:  Johnny Mitchell
Phone 1:  561-478-0760
Email:  tournament@uscroquet.com
Alt Contact:  Macey White, TD
American Rules 

September 2021 – Pinehurst Croquet Club Annual Invitational Tournament
Location:  Pinehurst, NC
American Rules

​​​Pictures of the Tournament below were taken by Terry Hunt.  Left click any picture to see an enlarged picture.e.html