2017 Anderson Cup Tournament and Awards Brunch


​The 2017 Anderson Cup Golf Croquet Tournament was held on the Anderson Lawn in Tega Cay from October 18 to October 20.  Forty three TCCC members participated in the tournament.  This was the most players ever in the Anderson Cup since the Club adopted this format for the Tournament.  The weather was perfect all three days (sunny and cool in the morning and sunny and warm in the afternoon).  Each day, coffee and doughnuts were provided by Sue Kost from Carmen Miller Realty and snacks and drinks were provided by the Club.  All games on all three days were timed games with a 25 minute time limit (except for the last game on Day 3) and a tie breaker was used if a game was tied at the end of the time limit. The quality of play by our members has improved greatly as shown by the number of tie breakers.

Day 1:  The round robin format had seven rounds of mixed doubles with forty two players.  All of the women played four or five games and the men played five or six games each because there were more women than men.  Each player played with a different partner each game and most of the time played against different opponents.  Lunch was served at the court side gazebo. At the end of the day, Maggie Christman and Jerry Misik were the only undefeated players.

Day 2:  One couple dropped out because of illness and this reduced the field to forty players.  In the morning, the round robin format continued.  All players played enough games so that ladies played 6 games and the men played 7 games.   After the morning round, Maggie Christman was the only undefeated player.  For the men, Russ Hanson, Terry Hunt, Jerry Misik and Wray Martin were tied at the top with five wins each.  The players all took a break for a buffet lunch at the Shore Club while Tournament Directors John Webb and Mike Kost ranked all of the women on one side and the men on the other side of the list based on how well the players had scored in games won, points scored and net points.  Then the two sides were paired into mixed doubles teams starting at the top of the list.  These teams played together for the rest of the tournament.  The top four seeded teams were #1 Maggie Christman/Russ Hanson, #2 Sue Gulasky/Terry Hunt, #3 Marilyn Pendleton/Jerry Misik and #4 Wray Martin/ Gloria Izral.    In the afternoon, each team played two games in a round robin format to determine the final seeds in the brackets for Day 3.

Day 3:  One of our players, Russ Hanson, had to drop out due to a medical condition that sent him to the hospital shortly before the start of Day 3.  John Webb (our forty third player) was allowed to substitute for Russ so that the teams and brackets would not have to be altered at the last minute.  Then the single elimination tournament began and there were upsets at the start.  The three top seeded teams were eliminated in the first round.  After several hard fought rounds, the semifinal round came down to:

#4 Gloria Izral/Wray Martin vs #15 Sue Offen/George Fiegel:   Won by #15 in a tie breaker.

#7 Edith Jordan/Harry Barnes vs #11 Cherie Fogerty/Frank Powell:  Won by Team  #7,      5 to 4.

The final match was won by team #7 Edith Jordan/Harry Barnes by a score of 7 to 3.

There were about 50 members who watched the final two games.

Prizes and trophies were awarded to the top two teams at the Anderson Cup Awards Brunch in the Shore Club on October 29.  About 54 members attended the brunch.

Part 4:  To put on The Anderson Cup Tournament requires a lot of work by a lot of special people.  Some of them and their efforts are recognized below.

John Webb and Mike Kost:  Tournament Directors – They ran the tournament from start to finish including publicity, setting formats, scheduling games, grouping teams, time keeping, refereeing, etc.

Michele McGuire and her crew:  Provided refreshments, lunches, decorations and wine & cheese.  Also organized the Awards Brunch.

Sue Kost from Carmen Miller Realty:  Provided coffee and refreshments each day.

John Webb, Alan Bensch, George Fiegel and Terry Hunt:  Set up the two courts for the tournament.

Wray Martin:  Set up the game clock each day and trained the timekeepers on how to run the clock.

 Photos of the tournament and brunch are shown below.   Left click on the pictures to see enlarged photos. 

Terry Hunt


Despite the cold temperatures we had a great group of troopers come out for the annual turkey trot croquet games. Betty Anderson did a wonderful job of coming up with a unusual way to play and John Webb and his helpers set up the wickets. Three turkeys were given to three of the players that went through the turkey trot wicket. Names were drawn from a hat and the lucky winners were Edith Jordan, Tom Mazak and Sue Offen. A good time was had by all!

This Club  is formed to promote the sport of  croquet in this community

Founded in 2008

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Autumn 6 Wicket Tournament

On September 23, 2017 the first annual Autumn 6 Wicket Tournament Tournament was held on the Anderson Lawn. Twenty-two players were placed on eleven teams in brackets for the single elimination tournament.  After several close matches, the semi finals had Frank Powell and Mike Linder defeating Wray Martin and Sue Gulasky 14 – 12.  In the other semi final, Terry Hunt and Dana Boots defeated Jack McGuire and Ann Rizos 11 – 9.  Around 20 members watched the final game which was won by Frank and Mike 11 – 10.  The first and second place teams received prizes and the winning team also was awarded trophies.

Thanks to Jerry Misik and John Webb, the tournament coordinators, for setting up and running a very competitive tournament.  A special thanks to Wray Martin for setting up and running the new clock.

 Photos of the croquet events are shown below.   Left click on the pictures to see enlarged photos. 

Terry Hunt


Golf With Wickets Golf Tournament

On  October 9, 2017, the TCCC held their second Golf With Wickets Golf Tournament.  Forty-two golfers participated in the event.  The 13 teams played eighteen golf hole that included two par three hole where they had to hit a croquet ball through a wicket instead of putting a golf ball into a cup.  Between hole #9 and #10, the players visited the croquet court to try their croquet skills by hitting balls through a wicket.  Prizes were given for the golf and croquet events.  The winning golf team also received Golf With Wicket Trophies.

Our thanks to Bob Towner, Peggy Towner and Josh Brownell for there efforts in organizing the tournament and getting sponsors and gifts tournament.

 Photos of the event are shown below.   Left click on the pictures to see enlarged photos. 

Terry Hunt