2019 States Shield SE Qualifier Golf Croquet Tournament Summary

 The Tournament was hosted by the Tega Cay Croquet Club (
http://www.tegacaycroquet.com/home.html ) and sponsored by the Croquet Network website (https://croquet.ning.com/ ).  The Croquet Network States Shield is a sanctioned USCA event and all singles games count in the WCF world rankings.  However, the event is not a USCA managed event. 

There were 14 players from four states. The teams were:
North Carolina - Jeff Soo (Team Director), Matthew Essick. Peter Carlin, Rob Byrd
South Carolina – Damon Bidencope (Team Director), Simon Jenkins, Robert Hurst
Georgia – Jimmy Huff (Team Director), Kent Lovvorn, Roy Gee
Florida – Chris Barley (Team Director), David Maloof, Gene Raymond, Jim Teel.

There were four matches played on Saturday and Sunday, June 8 & 9, 2019 on the Tega Cay single croquet court. 

On Saturday (National Croquet Day), they played two matches consisting of 18 games from 9 am to 8 pm. The North Carolina Team defeated the South Carolina Team 6 to 2 and the Florida Team defeated the Georgia Team 6 to 4.  There was very little rain all day until the last game but there were no rain delays. 

On Sunday, the first two games were played under heavy showers but the players put on their rain gear and never stopped playing.  The rest of the games were played under fairly dry conditions with only a few brief showers.  In the first match, the Florida Team defeated the North Carolina Team 8 to 2 to win the Southeast Regional Tournament and advance to the National Shield Tournament in August.  (
https://croquet.ning.com/News/states-shield-expands-to-12 ).  In the Sunday afternoon match, the Georgia and South Carolina Teams played three games and then called it a day because of other commitments and their long drive home.  There were thirteen games played on Sunday between 9 am and 4 pm and there were no rain delays.  A summary of the games and match scores are listed on the Croquet Scores website.  (https://croquetscores.com/2019/gc/croquet-network-southeast-states-shield-quad/summary

The players all complimented the condition of the court.  The court drained exceptionally well during the few showers that we had over the two days.  The ball fences worked well and were really needed.  No one hit into the orange netting below the southwest corner but there was a possibility with the speed of some of the shots and the jump shots being played.  The special Quadway Hoops (
http://www.terminatormallets.co.nz/Quadway.htm) used during the Tournament were loaned to the Club by Simon Jenkins. 

Overall, the tournament was a great success.  The volunteers, hosts for the players and Club members got to meet and talk with the players at the Reception on Friday evening, at the dinner at the Dixie Pig Restaurant on Saturday evening and during the tournament when the players were between games.  Gift bags were given to all of the players with items supplied by Visit York County, the City of Tega Cay and George Fiegel.  Each member of the winning team received a trophy. 

Tournament Directors Damon Bidencope and Alan Bensch and Tournament Manager Terry Hunt would like to thank all of the volunteers and hosts who helped set up the court, schedule the games, keep track of the scores, set up for the Reception, provide snacks, drinks and lunches for the players, set up the tent and chairs for the players and provided rooms for some of the players.  They would also like to recognize Chuck Smith, the Maintenance Superintendent for Tega Cay Golf, and his crew for getting the croquet court and the surrounding area in excellent condition.  The support of Josh Brownell, Director of Tega Cay Golf, and Tega Cay Mayor, David O’Neal, was greatly appreciated. 

Pictures of the Tournament by Marilyn Rhew, Ron Jordan, Alan Bensch and Terry Hunt are shown below.  Left click on any picture to see enlarged pictures.​ 

Article by Terry Hunt

National Croquet Day Proclamation

At the City Council Meeting on May 20, Mayor David O'Neal presented TCCC President Terry Hunt a Proclamation declaring June 8, National Croquet Day.

The Proclamation and a picture of the presentation are shown below..

Left click the Proclamation to see the document.ml

​June 1, Women's Singles Tournament

The Women's Singles Golf Croquet Tournament was held on June 1.  Sixteen women competed in this double elimination tournament.  The two courts were each double banked most of the day.  After the first two rounds of the Winners' bracket was reduced to eight players with the other eight sliding over to the Consolation bracket.  After many hard fought matches (see the statistics below). the final four players came down to Michele McGuire, Gloria Bensch, Diane Kadien and Betty Anderson.  In the Winner's bracket, Betty defeated Gloria 4 to 3 to send Gloria to the Consolation bracket.  In the Consolation bracket, Diane eliminated Michele 4 to 3 and Gloria 5 to 3.  Diane then gave Betty her first loss 4 to 3 that required a tiebreaker shootout.  In the final match, Betty Anderson defeated Diane Kadien by another 4 to 3 score to win the Women's Singles Championship.  The first and second place players received prizes and trophies (made by George Fiegel).  The third and fourth place players received prizes.

Some interesting statistics from the tournament prepared by Tournament Director Alan Bensch:

"A total of 31 games were played.  There were 5 tie breakers required after the 25 minute time limit.   
22 out of 31 games were decided by a difference of 2 wickets or less. 16 games were decided by 1 wicket.
Other facts:
Diane Kadien played a total of 8 games, winning 6, working through the consolation rounds and then the final round tie breaker game.
Betty Anderson played in 6 games, winning 5. In 5 of her 6 games, the wicket difference was 1.
Michele McGuire played 6 games, losing 2, and her only losses were to Diane Kadien.  In 5 of her 6 games, the wicket difference was 1."

​Michele also had the most exciting tie breaker point against Jerilyn Mazak in the first round.  Jerilyn shot first and put the Blue ball about eight inches short of the center peg.  The Red and Black balls were shot but did not get inside of the Blue ball.  Michele shot the Yellow ball hit the Blue ball into the peg and then the Yellow ball also hit the peg winding up a couple inches nearer the peg than the Blue ball (see picture below).

Alan Bensch, the Tournament Director, would like to thank everyone who helped set up the courts, helped keep track of the scores, run the time clock and provide refreshments.

​Pictures of the event by Terry Hunt are shown below.    Left click any pictures to see enlarged pictures.

Saturday, June 8, National Croquet Day, Matches 1 & 2

July 19, Christmas in July Play Day

The TCCC had a special Play Day on July 19.  Over forty Members and guests celebrated "Christmas In July."  We tried this event to take our minds off the current heat wave but it did not work well because the temperature was 95 degrees when the croquet matches started at 6:30 pm.  Michele McGuire had the gazebo decorated with Christmas ornaments, a Christmas tree and even Christmas presents for the members who drew the lucky tickets.  Unfortunately she could not coax our resident Santa Claus to come to the event because he hibernates during the summer heat wave.  The Wearing of White Rule was suspended for this event and everyone wore festive holiday outfits.

Both courts were setup and each player had a random partner for each game they played.  Everyone got to play at least two or three timed games of golf croquet.  The last rounds of the evening were cut short about 9:10 pm when the sprinkler system began watering the lawn and temporarily broke the heat wave.

​Pictures of the event by Terry Hunt, Michele McGuire and Kay Misik are shown below.  Left click any pictures to see enlarged pictures.

July Fourth Parade


The Tega Cay Croquet Croquet Club had another unique entry in the Tega Cay Fourth of July Land Parade again this year.  Crowds along the parade route probably set a record for attendance.  The objective of our entry was to promote our Croquet Club, the Junior Croquet Club and the Open Sessions that we have every Thursday.  Our entry was a triple feature.

First up, was a golf cart trimmed with red, white and blue decorations plus a large mallet, a big red croquet ball, a six foot tall wicket and Tega Cay Croquet Club signs on both sides.  Driving the cart was the owner, Peggy Lee.  Her passenger was Club President, Terry Hunt, who played a selection of John Philip Sousa Marching Band songs. 

Bringing up the rear of the TCCC entry was a classic 2005 Mustang convertible driven by owner Rich Kadien with passengers Junior members, Katherine Smith and Caroline Wey, plus Rich's grandson Jack Kadien.  The car had Tega Cay Junior Croquet signs on both sides.

Walking the entire parade route between these two vehicles was Mallet Man George Fiegel in his specially designed costume that was a man wearing a large croquet mallet.  The sides of the mallet advertised the "Open Sessions" that the Club has every Thursday beginning at Noon.  Mallet Man also handed out ornaments to spectators along the parade route.  George had made 153 mallet and ball ornaments with a note on the bottom of the base that said "Have fun!  Learn about croquet!  Adult sessions every Thursday 12 noon at court."  At the Parade Judges' Stand,  Mallet Man did a little dance for the judges.

The Club wants to thank George Fiegel for the design of the three parts of our entry and the following volunteers who helped decorate the vehicles and Mallet Man:  George Fiegel, Harry Barnes, Charlie Pendleton, Karen Turrentine, Rick Turrentine, Shirley Hunt, Terry Hunt, Rich Kadien, Peggy Lee and Peggy's friend Joanne Schneider.

Article by Terry Hunt

Pictures of the event are shown below were provided by Terry Hunt, Diane Kadien and Paul Muraco.
​  Left click on any picture to see enlarged pictures.​​

Friday, June 7 - Court Setup, Practice and Reception

American 6-Wicket Training and Development Month


In May, the TCCC held five sessions of training and development for American Croquet (aka. Six Wicket) for the Club's members.   Twenty-four TCCC members attended at least one session .  The average attendance for each session was 17.  Six members attended all five sessions.  Attendees ranged from players who have been playing Six Wicket Croquet for several years to members who had never played the game before.

The first four sessions in May were one-hour sessions on Wednesday afternoons with instructions from some of our members.  The fifth session lasted all day on Thursday, May 30, and included training and instruction from four very advanced players (AC handicaps between 0 & 7).  Damon Bidencope, Rob Byrd, Gene Raymond and Nancy Hart  were the instructors for the all day session.  In the morning, they broke the class into groups based on skill level and instructed,demonstrated and supervised the groups in the fine art of Six Wicket Croquet.  At lunch in the Shore Club, the four instructors told our members stories about their croquet experiences and Damon gave us a brief history of the sport of croquet.

In the afternoon, some of the members rotated into games where they played with and got tips from the instructors.  The highlight of the day was when the four instructors divided up and played a match between themselves.  Damon and Nancy were paired against Gene and Rob.  When Damon scored the fourth hoop, the other instructors went over and sat in the shade to watch Damon go on a four-ball break and score nine hoops in a row.  It was a beautiful thing to watch.

All of the training sessions in May were organized by Jerry Misik.  Helping instruct the weekly classes were Terry Hunt, Jack McGuire, John Webb and Frank Powell.

​Pictures of the tournament below were taken by Terry Hunt.  Left click any picture to see an enlarged picture.e.html

Photo Gallery

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Tega Cay Croquet Club

Sunday June 9, Matches 3 & 4

This Club  is formed to promote the sport of  croquet in this community

Founded in 2008