Wearing of the Green

On March 17, the Club celebrated Saint Patrick's Day with our annual Wearing of the Green social event.  About forty members wore some form of green outfit and participated in croquet matches and some strange game that resembled lawn bowling with croquet balls and wickets.  Best outfit prizes (Irish Ale) went to Marilyn Pendleton and Nick Rizos, and Linda Pike and Jack McGuire won prizes for best bowlers.

Event Coordinator, Michele McGuire, wants to thank her special helpers Sue Offen, Betty Anderson and Peggy Towner, and  also all the ladies who helped clean up the pavilion.

​Pictures of the event  below were taken by Terry Hunt.  Left click any picture to see an enlarged picture.

Don Oakley Visits Tega Cay

Don and Diana Oakley from the Oakley Woods Croquet Store visited Tega Cay on March 21 and demonstrated a variety of croquet mallets and accessories to about twenty five TCCC members.  Five of our newest members attended this event and tried out the different types and sizes of mallets.  These new members, Mindy & Rock Mirilia, Karen & Rick Turrentine and Jan LaValley, all ordered new mallets along with several other members.  Some of our members also purchased mallet covers and new grips for their mallets.

​Pictures of the event by Terry Hunt are shown below.    Left click any pictures to see enlarged pictures.

Tega Cay Croquet Club

March 16, St Patrick’s 6-Wicket Tournament

The fifth annual St Paddy’s 6-Wicket tournament saw 10 teams vie for trophies and cash prizes.  It was a cool but dry day where nine closely contended games were played.  Early round highlights included an exciting shoot out tie breaker, and a last turn, seven-wicket run for a win by John Webb.  First time winners Rich Pregrad and Peggy Lee managed to stay ahead of Frank Powell and Barbara Williams for a 19 to 17 victory and the first-place finish.  John Webb and Betty Anderson, and Jack McGuire and Sue Gulasky were the other semi-finalists. 

Thanks to Tom Fogerty, George Fiegel, Tom Mazak, Ron Jordan and Terry Hunt for coming out to help set up and restore the courts; to Michele McGuire for arranging for drinks and morning snacks; to George Fiegel for another unique set of trophies; and to everyone who helped keep the deadness boards between their own games.  

And finally, a very special thanks goes to club member Rob Byrd who spent the whole day on his feet to referee the games.

​Article above by Alan Bensch, Tournament Director

​Pictures of the tournament below were taken by Marilyn Pendleton and Alan Bensch.  Left click any picture to see an enlarged picture.e.html

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This Club  is formed to promote the sport of  croquet in this community

Founded in 2008

2019 CCC Spring Tournament

The Coastal Croquet Clubs (CCC) [made up of Bishop Gadsden Croquet Club (BG) , Croquet Club of Dataw Island (DI), Spring Island Croquet Club (SI) and Sun City Croquet Club (SC)] held a Spring Golf Croquet Tournament April 2 - 4.  The Tega Cay Croquet Club (TC) was the guest Club for the event at which two types of tournaments were held.  There was an overall Club competition between the CCC and the TCCC and an individual two person team competition.  

There were 34 CCC players and 22 TCCC players which made this three-day tournament one of the largest croquet events ever held in the state of South Carolina. 

Day 1 was at Sun City near Bluffton, SC where the courts were open in the afternoon for practice followed by a reception for all players.

Day 2

The tournament moved to Dataw Island near Beaufort where a full day of competition was held. The players were divided into two groups (Low and High Handicaps) and drew chips to determine which partner ( a Low with a High) they would play with and against which team they would play against during each time slot.  The games were timed at 25 minutes.  Every player got to play four games with a different partner against different opponents that were used to rank the players for Day 2 and some of the players results were used in determining the Club Champion.  At noon, there was a break for a sit-down lunch in the Dataw Island Golf Clubhouse.  At the end of the day, the leaders in the Low group were Doug MacMullin (SC), Jack McGuire (TC) and Art Thomasson (SC) who all had four wins and no loses.  The leaders in the High group were Sue Kelly (SC), Field Boatwright (BG) and Kay Misik (TC) who all had three wins each and the most wickets made. 

For the Club competition, the win and tie points for 12 chosen players from each Club gave the CCC the lead by a score of 61 to 51 at the end of the day.

Day 3

The tournament moved back to Sun City where 28 teams were paired (#1 Low with #1 High,  ..., #28 Low with #28 High) based on the rankings from the Day 1 scores.  These teams played together for the rest of Day 3.   Each team played three games (timed at 25 minutes) in the morning against randomly drawn opponents.  Based on the results of the morning play, the 28 teams were placed in the brackets for a single elimination playoff in the afternoon.  Lunch was served at court-side before the playoffs began. 

The biggest upset in the playoffs came early when the #28 team of Bruce Anderson (DI) and Bob Harned (TC) knocked out the #1 seed of Doug MacMullen (SC) and Sue Kelly (SC).  Up until that match, Doug had won seven games without a loss.  

After three rounds, the semi-final games came down to #3 Art Thomasson (SC)/Kay Misik (TC) vs #7 Ray Barrett (DI)/Ron Kort (SC) and #11 Jerry Misik (TC)/Jack Frisch (SC) vs #21 John Boatwright (BG)/Alan Offen (TC).  Team #3 easily defeated Team #7 by a score of 6 to 2.  The other match was much closer.  At the end of the 25 minutes, the score was tied.  In the tie breaker, Jerry Misik shot third and put his black ball inside the red ball very near the post.  John Boatwright then shot his yellow ball, hit the black ball and wound up closest to the post to allow #21 to defeat #11 by one point.

The final match between #3 Art Thomasson (SC)/ Kay Misik (TC) and #21 John Boatwright (BG)/ Alan Offen (TC) was to be played first to seven points or 45 minutes (which ever came first).  After a long  and hard fought match, the time limit was reached, with the #21 team winning by a score of 6 to 4.  The first and second place teams received prizes.

Some of interesting facts: 
Bishop Gadsden Croquet Club on James Island, SC just joined the CCC for the first time this year. 
​The final two teams played their last four games with only a five minute break between each game.
John Boatwright (BG) is 83 years old and was probably the oldest of the 56 players who played in the tournament.

Based on the scores of the first seven games on Days 2 and 3 by 12 selected players from each Club, the Coastal Croquet Clubs won the Club Trophy by a score of 103 to 79.  The CCC will get to keep the Club Championship trophy for a year until the Spring Tournament is played next year at the Tega Cay Croquet Club.  The tournament host will rotate each year between the CCC and the TCCC with the tournament winning Club each year retaining the perpetual trophy for a year.

Pictures of the event are shown below were provided by Terry Hunt.
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