This Club  is formed to promote the sport of  croquet in this community

Founded in 2008

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TCCC Members Travel to South Africa

The two TCCC Charter Members who live the furtherest from Tega Cay have been doing some traveling.  Sarah and Russell Crompton now live in Great Britain but keep their membership active in the Tega Cay Croquet Club.  They played here many times on the Anderson Lawn when they visited last October for our Anderson Cup Tournament.

In January, they visited South Africa with their mallets and Sarah sent the pictures below.  Here are some of her comments about their trip.

From Somerset, West South Africa - "Amazing, Amazing! place and people, great games and super Braai!!    A Braai, is Afrikaans for Barbecue, we are enjoying the weather although very hot around 32 yesterday, many clubs play early morning!!  Cheers and Happy New Year."

​From Helderberg Village, South Africa - "Great lawns and players,  4 hours of games, weather amazing, hot and breezy !!  Some sightseeing of the beaches and countryside area tomorrow!!
Sarah & Russell" 


​Pictures of the trip are shown below.  The first seven pictures are at Somerset, West South Africa and the last six are at Helderberg Village, South Africa.  Left click any pictures to see enlarged pictures.

Anderson Cup Day 2, Thursday

2018 TCCC Anderson Cup Tournament

The annual Anderson Cup Tournament was held October 17, 18 and 19 at the Anderson Cup Lawn.  Forty TCCC members participated in this Golf Croquet mixed doubles tournament.  For the first day and a half, the players played six games with different partners and against different opponents.  Based on the results of these games, the players were ranked and placed on two person teams for the rest of the tournament.  Then, the twenty teams played two more games on the second afternoon to determine the positions for the third day single elimination knock out brackets.

Alan Bensch was the tournament Director/Manager and he gives the following account of the third day's thrilling events.

"​​Anyone who wasn’t watching the action on the croquet lawn on Friday missed an exciting finish to another successful Anderson Cup Tournament.   

The weather cooperated.  Coffee and donuts from Sue Kost and Carmen Miller Realty got us started.  Forty players of all experience levels competed and from everything that I observed, had a very good time.  Given the egalitarian and social priorities of the club, this tournament lived up to expectations as our summer ending premier event.   I think Tom Anderson would have been proud. 

The semifinalists were Edith Jordan and Marvin Bennett, Barb Powell and Jack McGuire, Sarah Crompton and Jerry Misik, and Marilyn Rhew Pendleton and Rich Kadien.  Barb and Jack moved on to play Marilyn and Rich in the final match.  There was a time in my life I would have thought that the term “exciting croquet game” was an example of an oxymoron.  But what did I know.  It took almost an hour to finish the game and the score was close all the way.  Barb and Jack pulled out a 7-6 win over Marilyn and Rich in a very well-played match.  Congratulations to the winners and to the runners up. 

The awards ceremony will be held in conjunction with our 10th anniversary party on November 5th.  

Thanks to everyone who played, everyone who worked hard pitching in when needed, and especially Michele and Sue. 

Alan Bensch"

Pictures of the three day tournament are shown below.
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Anderson Cup Day 1, Wednesday

Tega Cay Croquet Club
Anderson Cup Awards Presentation &Tenth Anniversary Celebration

The Tega Cay Croquet Club combined their annual Anderson Cup Awards presentation with their Tenth Year Anniversary Celebration at the Glennon Center on November 5th.  Eighty-three members and guests filled the banquet room that had each table decorated with Blue/Red/Black/Yellow balloons as the centerpiece.  President Terry Hunt welcomed everyone, gave the order of events for the evening and introduced special guest Josh Brownell, Director of the Tega Cay Golf Club. Josh has been at the Tega Cay Golf Club for ten years and has watched our Club grow from the very beginning.  Next, Mike Linder gave the Invocation followed by a meal of heavy hors d’oeuvres.

After dinner, Alan Bench, our new Tournament /Competition Coordinator, introduced all of the past Anderson Cup Champions and presented awards and trophies to this year’s Runners up, Marilyn Pendleton and Richard Kadian, and to the Champions, Barb Powell and Jack McGuire.  The Champions also received the coveted reserved parking spaces for a year and their names are engraved on the Anderson Cup trophy that is displayed in the entrance to the Golf Clubhouse.

Terry Hunt gave a special recognition to the following members for their outstanding service:

Peggy Towner and Bob Towner for their work on Managing the”Golf With Wickets” Tournament fundraiser for the last three years.

John Webb for being an outstanding Tournament/Competition Coordinator for many years.

George Fiegel for his overall service to the Club and especially his creative tournament trophies, ornaments and jewelry (aka, Fiegel Originals).

The Board presented Certificates of Appreciation to out-going Board members Peggy Towner, John Webb and Barb Powell.

Then Terry Hunt gave a Champaign toast.

Former Board President and Treasurer and one of the ten Founding Members, Ron Jordan shared the history of our Club that brought back happy and sometimes sad memories of what the Charter Members went through to establish the Tega Cay Croquet Club and the Croquet Facilities.

This was followed by Betty Anderson cutting the Anniversary Cake that was served to all of the attendees by the current Board members.

​Pictures of the event is shown below.  Left click any picture to see an enlarged picture.e.html

Anderson Cup Day 3, Friday

Tega Cay Croquet Club

2018 TCCC Turkey Trot

The 2018 Turkey Trot event was held on the Anderson Lawn on November 16.  Between thirty and forty members attended on a mild Friday afternoon.  There was a shoot out for prizes in which all players shot from the corner to the center peg backwards through their legs.  Patty Martin and Terry Hunt each won a turkey for getting the closest to the peg.  In the photos below, see if you can identify each shooter by their profile.

Everyone had an opportunity to play golf croquet. The highlight of the day was we got to eat desert before dinner time.

Thanks to Michele McGuire for setting up another successful event and to Sue Gulaski for running the shoot out.

​Pictures shown below of the event.  Left click any picture to see an enlarged picture.