2021 TCCC/CCC Invitational Tournament hosted by Tega Cay Croquet Club: September 27-29 

The croquet gods were grinning broadly, not just smiling, on this year’s tournament.  The weather was perfect, and I have rarely seen the court in such an immaculate condition.  To top it off, TCCC reclaimed the Club Championship trophy so it will be coming back to Tega Cay after we had to leave in on Dataw Island in 2019, the last time the event was played.

Jim Podraza from the Sun City croquet club and four players from the Dataw Island club, Luke and Janice Sand, Dean Hewitt & Pat Stolte, made the trip to represent the Coastal Croquet Clubs.  They arrived on Monday afternoon and tried out the lawn.

On Tuesday fifteen TCCC players joined the visitors for a full day of games, starting at 9:00 and finishing up at 4:30.  We provided coffee in the morning, a nice buffet at the Shore Club, and topped it off with a Wine & Cheese social hour at the end of the day. 

Everyone played five games with a different partner and a different opposing team in each game.  The number of wins, ties and wickets scored were totaled for each player. By matching up the totals ten teams were formed to compete in the elimination round on Wednesday. The teams were: 

Jim Podraza / Richard Watson 
Dean Hewitt / Susan Maher 
Janice Sand / Alan Bensch 
Luke Sand / Alan Offen 
Marvin Bennett / Gloria Bensch 
Kay Misik / Frank Powell 
Marilyn Rhew / John Webb 
Betty Anderson / Nancy Nicholson 
Stolte, Pat / Misik, Jerry
Fiegel, George / Hunt, Terry

Wednesday featured the elimination rounds and in the semi-final round Jim Podraza & Richard Watson lost to George Fiegel & Terry Hunt (4-7) and Luke Sand & Alan Offen beat Pat Stolte & Jerry Misik (5-4).  

The final match, played without a time limit, pitted George Fiegel & Terry Hunt against Luke Sand & Alan Offen.  By a final score of 7 to 3, George & Terry won the game and took the first-place trophies.

It was a tournament full of good times, great food, fabulous croquet, new friendships, and hopefully a farewell and good riddance to Covid worries.

    Halloween Bash 10/23/2021

The Anderson Cup Tournament has returned!!  

 After a year off due to you know what, it was a most memorable event. The final match saw Frank Powell and Dee Harned winning first place and the coveted parking spaces over second place finishers Alan Bensch and Betty Anderson by a score of 7-5.  It was a tight game and well contested. I know; I was there. Dee’s timely and accurate wicket shots made difference in the final game.

In the semi-final games, Frank and Dee beat Alan Offen and Ann Rizos (7-4), and Alan and Betty just got by John Webb and Edith Jordan (5-4).

The games in this three-day event were played under ideal weather conditions and the court was in perfect shape.  The event lived up to expectations as our premier summer-ending event.  Thirty-eight players of all experience levels competed and from everything that I observed, had a very good time. 

 Coffee and donuts from Sue Kost got us started each day.  Each person who entered played 6 games spread over two days, Wednesday and Thursday, with a break for lunch provided by the club. The mixed double team pairings were preselected so that everyone played with and against different people in each game. The results from these game, wins / losses and number of wickets scored, were used to put together teams that were seeded in the Friday single elimination phase of the tournament. Everyone played on Friday and by lunch time, the four semifinalist teams were the only ones remaining.

Thank you to everyone who played and to everyone who worked to make the event a success; this includes court setup, refreshments & food, manning the time clock and taking photographs


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TCCC Golf With Wickets Tournament, September 26, 2021
Submitted by Bob and Peggy Towner

On Sunday, September 26, 2021, the Tega Cay Croquet Club held its sixth annual golf tournament. We had 7 teams, 28 golfers participating in this event. Each golfer received snacks, dinner, a round of golf, a well packed goody bag and a prize for their entry fee. As has been the case each year, the winning team received a full day boat rental on Lake Wylie compliments of the Tega Cay Marina. We also awarded prizes for second, third, fourth and last place. 

Golfers had the chance to participate in our sport of croquet several times during this golf tournament. There are two par three holes on the golf course that were turned into croquet “holes” with a wicket in the middle of each green. Additionally, each participant had a chance to play a croquet ball thru a wicket on our croquet lawn at the turn between holes 9 and 10 during the golf tournament to qualify for a later contest to win the grand prize. 

We had 36 hole sponsors this year. Each sponsor donates $100.00 to support croquet, and we place a sign on the golf course with their name on it. We also had 8 different croquet club groups that sponsored a hole. Good on y’all. There was even one individual club member that wrote the hundred-dollar check and sponsored a hole all by herself. 

We had prizes donated from places all over the area from Rock Hill to Charlotte to Ballantyne to Lake Wylie and numerous local places. Information about the sponsors will be available on the website with an article and photos of the event.  It is of the utmost importance that all of us make use of these businesses whenever we can. Most of these folks have buttressed us each of the six years that we have done this tournament. Without their contributions, it aint workin’. 

All of this took place at the Tega Cay Golf Course and the Tega Cay Croquet Lawn. This happens because of the many Croquet Club member volunteers who step up each year to make it work. We want to thank each of you who have provided your time, expertise and most importantly, your smiles. This could not happen and would not happen without your help. We especially want to thank Michele McGuire and Mike Kost. They helped from day one in June to pull this off. Yes, we started in June to make this a success in September. 

One more time, many thanks those of you who happily show up every year on tournament day to do all those important support jobs that make this event run smoothly. Your dedication and yearly contribution make this endeavor a resounding success! 

Tega Cay Croquet Club

T2021 TCCC Junior/Senior Wonderland Tournament

By Terry Hunt, Tournament Director

On October 24, the Tega Cay Croquet Club’s Anderson Lawn looked like a scene from “Alice’s Adventures in   Wonderland.”  The occasion was the annual TCCC Junior/Senior Tournament.  This event teams our Junior members with some our adult members for a Golf Croquet Tournament.  This year the event was held one week before Halloween and the Juniors decided that the players would dress as characters from the classic book “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” by Lewis Carroll, because in the book, Alice plays croquet with the Queen of Hearts.  Alice and the Queen use live flamingos as mallets and hedgehogs as balls.  The Juniors also volunteered to bring the refreshments that resembled food mentioned in the book.  

Most of the players arrived early to compare their outfits. There was an Alice, a Queen of Hearts, a Mad Hatter, a Cheshire Cat, a Tweedledee, a Mock Turtle, a Dormouse, a Rabbit, a Bloodhound and a March Hare.  Most of the adults were dressed to represent the Playing Card Guards.  The Tournament Director, who was also the timekeeper, came as the White Rabbit.  The mallets were decorated to resemble flamingos.  Because hedgehogs were hard to find, regular croquet balls were used.

Drinks and water were served.  Beside them a sign warned “Drink Me to Shrink to Small.”  Some of the food consisted of brownies and cupcakes with marshmallow mushrooms growing out of them.  Beside them a sign warned “Eat Me to Grow to Large.”   There were white roses painted red.  

After introductions, instructions and pictures, the Golf Croquet Tournament began.  Because there were nine teams, a modified Swiss format was used on the two courts.  All teams (except one) played three 25-minute games.  There was a lot of spirited competition but no one lost their head.   At the end of Round three, the team of Kinsley Young and Barbara Williams were undefeated and took home the specially made first-place trophies with flamingo mallets and hedgehog balls on them.  The second place team of Caroline Mandon and Marilyn Rhew also won custom made trophies created by George Fiegel.  Caroline Mandon (Tweedledee) took home the prize for best outfit.

A good time was had by all!

This Club  is formed to promote the sport of  croquet in this community

Founded in 2008