Tega Cay Croquet Club

Court Reservations

Open Session

The TCCC has designated Thursday's from 12 to 2 pm as an Open Session on the Tega Cay Croquet Court.  Any adult can attend.  You do not need to be a resident of Tega Cay  or a member of our Club to participate.  All croquet equipment will be provided by the TCCC.  George Fiegel will coordinate these sessions and arrange games for those who attend.  If you plan to attend one of these sessions, contact George in advance at gmail: 
gfiegel@comporium.net or            call 803-372-1721.

If you have any questions about this web site, call the Editor, Terry Hunt at  803-548-0810 or email to terry9044@gmail.com

The Croquet Facilities

TCCC Substitute List

A link to a Substitute List of members who are willing to substitute for a regular group member is shown below.  Contact Sally Bennett at sallyirishbennett@gmail.com if you wish to be added or subtracted from the list or if you need the Password.  A new list will be published monthly only if there are changes.  The list is for TCCC members only and is Password protected.

Damon Bidencope is an honorary lifetime member of our Club and is a member of the US Croquet Hall of Fame.  Click on the picture below to see his history with croquet.ere.

Bulletin Board

Members can make court reservations up to one week in advance by clicking on the button below, or call the Golf Shop at 803-548-3500 for reservations up to four weeks in advance.

Future 2020 TCCC Events​​​Febru

March 14 - Junior/Parent Tournament 

March 15 - Play Day, Wearing of the Green, 3 pm

March 17 - St. Patrick's 6 Wicket Tournament

April 7 & 8 - TCCC Invitational Golf Croquet Tournament with the Coastal Croquet Clubs

April 27 - May 1 - Croquet Week: 

    Training - Monday (Golf Croquet) &                        Tuesday (Six Wicket),

    Tournaments - Wednesday (Men)                           and Thursday (Women),

     Play Day Social Events - Friday  

April 30 - Junior/Senior Tournament.

May 15 - Alternate Shot Tournament

May 16 - Junior Tournament

August ?? - TCCC Members Meeting and Board Elections

August 22 - Alternate Shot Tournament

September 20 - Golf With Wickets,          1 pm.

September 26 - Fall Six Wicket Tournament

​October 21 - 23 - Anderson Cup Tournament

November ?? - Anderson Cup Awards Brunch 5

Details for each TCCC event will be sent to all members nearer to the date of the event.  There will be additional social events posted when their dates are determined.​​


For a complete list of ALL upcoming USCA sanctioned tournaments, please visit the following link:

Damon Bidencope

2019 World Golf Croquet Championship

​Click on the button below to watch a BBC introduction for the 2019 World Golf Croquet Championship.  The video also talks about the early history of croquet.

The tournament was won by Ben Rothman from the United States.   Click on the button below to see a fantastic jump shot that he made during one of his matches.


General TCCC Info

For information about upcoming tournaments and social events, see our latest monthly TCCC Newsletter on our Newsletter webpage.

Our croquet facilities include a lighted regulation size croquet court, a memorial gazebo, an equipment room, croquet balls, and mallets.  For tournaments and social events, two smaller courts can be set up.

TCCC Makes the TV News

Local TV Station CN2 interviews TCCC Past President Peggy Towner about the Tega Cay Croquet Club.  Click the button below to watch.

This Club  is formed to promote the sport of  croquet in this community

Founded in 2008